Woodstock Village Makeover

This is one of the earliest homes built in Woodstock with a prime location in the village. For these reasons, the owners wanted to restore the home despite the obvious structural deficiencies and chopped up floor plan.

The work was extensive, requiring the house and garage to be lifted so the multiple foundation and the structural issues could be addressed. The interior of the house was stripped down to the studs and a new open floor plan implemented. The project included an addition, finishing the attic space and adding a screen porch.

Great care was taken to reuse as much of the original house as possible. The historic windows with wavy glass were restored throughout the home. All of the doors refurbished and much of the original flooring reinstalled.

Attic Before:

Elm Attic Before (2)

Attic After:

Elm Attic After (1)

Back Before:

Elm Back Before (2)

Elm Back Before

Back During:

Elm Back During (2)

Elm Back During (3)

Elm Back During (5)

Elm Back During

Back After:

Elm Back After (2)

Elm Back After

Bathroom Before:

Elm Bathroom Before

Bathroom After:

Elm Bathroom After (2)

Elm Bathroom After

Front Before:

Elm Front Before

Front After:

Elm Front After (2)

Elm Front After

Hall Before:

Elm Hall Before

Hall After:

Elm Hall After

Kitchen Before:

Elm Kitchen Before (2)

Elm Kitchen Before

Kitchen During:

Elm Kitchen During

Kitchen After:

Elm Kitchen After (2)

Elm Kitchen After (3)

Elm Kitchen After

Master Bedroom Before:

Elm Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After:

Elm Master Bedroom After

Office Before:

Elm Office Before (2)

Office During:

Elm Office During

Office After:

Elm Office After (2)

Elm Office After