Award Winning Green Home

What does a homebuilder do in his spare time? How about building a green spec home inspired by its surroundings and heritage?

This home located at 5212 College Hill Rd in Woodstock, VT was started in late fall 2010. However the project really started earlier that year when Chris and his team dismantled the original homestead from its site for salvage.

The new building site overlooked a meadow, nestled tight to the tree line and mountainside. Chris felt a strong inspiration to build a barn style residence. With northerly views over a pond and filtered sunlight from the south, the house required a design that would maximize natural light in the home. This was achieved through an open concept allowing rooms to share southerly light with northerly views as well as incorporating a large cupola that floods light down through the interior of the building.

The barn influence was enhanced through extensive use of reclaimed materials from the original homestead. Porch roofs, interior ceilings, post and beam details and flooring all contributed to overall feel and character of the home.

The Energy Star home features some of the latest green building techniques. An ICF foundation, insulated exterior sheathing, extensive use of closed cell foam and blown cellulose insulation all contributed to making this a highly efficient home. The Valley News, Channel 3 News, The VT Standard and Sustainable Woodstock all picked up on the interesting story.