Our design work may be as informal as a site visit/ideation session where a preliminary plan and approximate costs to build are provided at no charge. For small projects, this is typically all that is required to provide a firm cost and get the project moving.

For more complex projects, an ideation session would be followed up with plans that help our clients visualize the results that can be achieved along with costs. Working plans and firm costs are developed once the client is satisfied.

For new house design, the process starts with a site visit to understand the challenges and unique character of the land. Time is spent in advance to understand our customers’ needs and desires. Based off this input, several options are sketched and presented for feedback. Once formal plans begin to be prepared, our customer already has a strong sense that the proposal will be very close to meeting their desires and budget.

Building for Architects and Designers

As with our Design/Build process, we use the same principles when we work with architects and designers in their own custom home and remodeling projects. Because we understand the transition between design and construction we can offer architects and designers’ quality construction and a management system that will compliment their design and the homeowner’s experience.